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Justine's Fb post:
"So unfortunately while on route to collect the delivery in hammamet the car was written off , I turned off the autoroute 100mtrs and my engine exploded. The pistons blow through the engine and car locked wheels and skidded across the roundabout in Bufoucha all I can say is god was watching over me for me turn off the autoroute.. hmdla ..

So now we are without a vehicle, if anyone has fundraising ideas for a new vehicle please please comment.. life without a vehicle at the shelter is impossible..
Jayne Somerfield will be helping with fundraising so you could also contact herself if you've any ideas to raise money for a vehicle please.
Thank you
Justine Bedford"



So for the last week we've been finally cementing the drainage centre of the Thunderdome kennels which houses 35 dogs now its cooled down a little work has commenced .

the idea is to be able to clean the kennels easier and when we get floods and rain water will now drain off instead of me & dogs a foot high in water as you know many times in the past ..

We purchased the cement early in the year but left it at the suppliers until it cooled down , the waste water will drain off to a sewage pit out on the field . the sewage pit will need around 450 bricks to build and 5 sacks of cement which totals 490 dn £140 or 155 euro to purchase the bricks & cement to complete ..

Who would like to support this ?


We are looking for a flight buddy end of November to Poland

for 7 month old male puppy.

Our lovely Noodles wants to go join his new family

Urgent Appeal for support...Food ..Wormers for cats and dogs ..

Day to day care.. cleaning products ...Cat salami or wet food for our sick and kittens ..

Any items Blankets beds pillows sheets towls ..Cement .

Urgent help needed at the shelter, please help if you can .     Justine  (3rd October'22)



So many of you citizens in Tunisia know the struggle we are having with basic food supplies ,
today I went to get our supply of couscous which we get through a big multi pack every day 14 kilos
Now also not available I just don't know what I'm going to do we can purchase croquettes again
but these are expensive too
if I buy in bulk I can get 10 at 900dn so please if you can, help feed the dogs  ..   Justine xx  (20th Sept'22)

Rufus , Bailey , Billy Bambi , Sammy , lil lady , high 5 , Diana, Benny Jo , Ozzy , yoki , dumbo , sweetpea , big joy , Leo , micha , max , Mr blanco , biscuit , cookie , Rosie ,kira Julia , grandpa , bobby , bella , squeeks , Angelina, boo boo , faith , Pirata , bionda , douda , papa casino , star , blanc , lilly , Lola , fox , wolf , prince , blackie , smilier , randy , x3 casino females , maboula , karmina, James , spot , Blondie , tin tin , Rosa, Amy , pepe toffee and dancer these are our dogs at the moment also around 145 cats please support the shelter I do this work independently many repairs are needed at the shelter constant medical needs and food and cleaning products some of our fencing is broken and needs replacing we also have outstanding vet fees which can be paid direct to our vet if you wanted too Abir Jomny .

We have PayPal thestreethavenanimalshelter@gmail.com available revolut account and UK bank account and international payments on this website too at

Little sweetpea doing so well since his amputation looking for a furever home male around 6 months old now

Urgently looking for a flight companion to Germany or Switzerland preferably

Zurich and Basel Switzerland Stuttgart and München Germany for high 5 she really deserves it so please if you travel help us

Urgently looking for a flight buddy to Germany preferred or Switzerland

Zürich and Basel are Switzerland. Stuttgart and München Germany for high 5 she really deserves this so please if your traveling please help us

Thank you Ashley & Hana for helping feed the fluffy animals 60 kilos meat 12 sacks couscous